The Black Racer: All About Florida’s Fastest Snake

Black Racer Removal

The Black Racer: All About Florida’s Fastest Snake The fear of snakes is called ophidiophobia, and it’s fairly common. After More»

Feral Hog Removal Program

Feral Hog Removal

Feral Hog Removal Feral hogs can be a serious problem for your home, property, and family. The Jacksonville and greater More»

How Dangerous is a Water Moccasin?

How Dangerous is a Water Moccasin

How Dangerous is a Water Moccasin? The swamps of the southeastern United States are full of all sorts of critters, More»

Iguana, Lizards & Pythons

Florida Burmese Python

Iguana, Lizard & Python Trapping and Removal Catching or trapping lizards, iguanas & pythons can be very difficult, as they are agile More»

Wild Hog Trapping in Florida With Cellular Hog Trap

We’ve got the hog trap set up at this hospital and we’ve got the camera set up overlooking the hog More»

Snake Safety Tips

Venomous Snakes

Snakes are helpful for keeping vermin and other rodents under control but they can also be dangerous. Most snakes try More»

Rabbit Control – Florida Marsh Rabbit

Rabbit Control and Removal

Today we have a Florida Marsh rabbit. We actually have two species of rabbits in Florida. We have the Florida More»

Bat Maternity Season

Bat Maternity Season

Bat Maternity Season Starts in April and Illegal to block bats from roosts from April to August, so act now if you have a bat problem. Contact Quick Catch for our Bat Removal & Proofing Services. More»

Jacksonville Animal Removal Company Featured on Nat Geo Wild

Jacksonville Animal Removal - Nat Geo Wild

About When Nature Calls:When wildlife gets too close for comfort, these animal relocators are the people you want to call More»

Animal Education Presentation – North Florida

Animal Education Presentation

Quick Catch offers animal education presentation for groups and companies looking to learn more information about local wildlife. These educational More»

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