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Canadian Goose Removal

Canadian Geese Removal

Because certain federal laws protect migratory birds, the opportunities for dealing with Canadian Geese have been narrowed down to a few viable options and a permit is required.

Canadian Geese are usually classified as a pest species due to their aggressive nature, their droppings, and their tendency to destroy lawns.

The most common complaints against Canadian Geese are:

  • Droppings on the lawn or dock
  • Aggressive Geese around people
  • Causing lawn damage

Do you have geese or other birds living in or around your home or business?  Geese can be a real nuisance and also hazardous to your living environment. Whether they are roosting in the attic of your home or office, or even just flying around outside, it is important to get them under control before there is a larger problem.

Common Reasons for Canadian Geese Control Services:

Geese tend to populate the same areas as human beings and that’s when problems arise. Geese are grazers and cause damage to various crops, landscapes, gardens, and vegetation. Fecal matter contaminates the area around bodies of water, as well as causes harm to indigenous animal populations. Bacteria in the feces pose significant health risks by contributing to the spread of disease. Geese fed by humans may lose their natural fear of people, which causes them to become territorial and attack adults, children, and even pets.

Quick Catch offers Geese control, Goose trapping, and Goose removal services to Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida.

What Canadian Geese Look Like

Canada geese are distinguishable from other waterfowl due to their long black necks and the conspicuous white markings on their cheeks and chins. They are typically brown to gray in color on top while their undersides are white or cream in appearance. Both their feet and bills are black. Males are slightly bigger, but both sexes can weigh up to 24 pounds and range in length from 2 to 3 feet. The bird’s wingspan may reach up to 6 feet.

Geese Control Services

Canadian Geese CatchersGeese are federally protected and may only be trapped by properly-permitted individuals.

Habitat modification typically is the best way to control Canada geese and keep areas safe. Banning people from feeding the birds helps reduce populations, as fed geese tend to become permanent residents. Canada geese stay away from tall grasses that may hide predators, so creating barriers of natural vegetation and building fences around bodies of water can be effective. Certain harassment methods work, as well, including trained dogs, lasers, and motion sensors.

Geese Trapping and Removal

As certified wildlife specialists, Quick Catch possess the experience and tools necessary to get rid of Canada geese problems. Our professionals practice humane removal techniques in order to catch and release these problematic birds.

Video Showing Quick Catch Removes Geese:

If you are having trouble with Canadian Geese, call 904-859-6585 to speak to a Quick Catch representative and we can help resolve your goose problem.

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