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Rabbit Control – Florida Marsh Rabbit

Today we have a Florida Marsh rabbit. We actually have two species of rabbits in Florida. We have the Florida Cottontail
and the Florida Marsh rabbit. The Florida Marsh rabbit is a little bit smaller. They don’t have that big poufy tail. They have shorter ears shorter legs just a smaller animal that can be found all throughout eastern United States and all throughout Florida especially along marshes rivers places like that.

And actually this guy is an on target we were trying to catch armadillos and we don’t use the bait from atilla’s but
this guy just wandered in there and got trapped so it’s kind of unusual to catch a Marsh rabbit we’re seeing a lot less of these because of all the predators that are here. We have the Coyotes that are not natural not native to Florida a lot of Bobcats we have less and less territory in Northeast Florida less and less habitat for them due to development. And humans you know deforestation taking away their habitat and so there’s more predators per capita and a lot less prey species like this rabbit right here.

These marsh rabbits are strictly herbivores so all they do is eat plants. They can be found all throughout Florida and all of the eastern United States and in South Florida. They actually are a huge nuisance because of the sugarcane fields down there. They eat a lot of that sugarcane and they compete with the farmers so the farmers can consider them a nuisance. Their gestation
period is about 30 days so these guys can have up to 12 litters a year and typically two to four babies half of which die from predation or disease. This rabbit right here if it was a female can produce around 20 to 30 babies each year so you can see how the population could increase pretty quickly in an area where there’s not a lot of predators. Here you can see his legs are super short as ears are kind of short and I’m fixing to turn him loose. I’m not hurting them and I’ll just got a secure hold on him he ran the cage and that’s why his little noses his is beat up but. We’re gonna go ahead and turn him loose but just a cute little guy. He’s just checking out his surroundings. There he goes hopping on the trail. Awesome!

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Now Hiring Wild-Life Removal Technician Jacksonville, Florida

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