Bat Removal & Bat Proofing

Bat Removal and Bat Proofing

Bat Removal and Bat Proofing

Quick Catch offers Bat Removal and Bat proofing services to Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida areas including, Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Putnam, Baker, Nassau counties.

Whether you have a single bat in your establishment or have a bat colony in your attic, it is important to get the problem remedied before it becomes a larger problem or infestation. Bats bite and are dangerous and should be handled by professionals.

Bat Removal Services:

  • Bat Eviction
  • Bat Exclusion
  • Bat Proofing
  • Bat Control
  • Bat Clean-Up
  • Bat Intrusion Prevention

Common Types of Bats in Jacksonville, Florida:

  • Big brown bat
  • Brazilian free-tailed bat
  • Tricolored bat
  • Eastern red bat
  • Evening bat
  • Florida bonneted bat
  • Gray myotis
  • Hoary bat
  • Northern yellow bat
  • Rafinesque’s big-eared bat
  • Seminole bat
  • Southeastern myotis
  • Velvety free-tailed bat

Common Reasons for Bat Removal & Bat Proofing Services:

  • Bats can cause a lot of damage
    Bats can cause significant damage to your home or attic by leaving guano, bat feces, and urine in the insulation and roof trim. Guano is very dangerous and can cause serious health problems. This guano can build up and ruin wood, drywall and insulation.
  • Bats are unsanitary and could cause negative health conditions
    Bats leave guano which can grow a fungus that releases spores into the air that can cause histoplasmosis in humans. Histoplasmosis can cause serious respiratory diseases and can even lead to chronic lung disease. Bats also can carry rabies virus being transmitted to humans is from bat bite. Bat removal is essential to prevent costly damage in the attic and protect the safety of your family.
  • Bats carry diseases and potentially rabies
    Bats are very dangerous as they bite and can carry a number of diseases including rabies. Bats are the number one cause of the rabies virus being transmitted to humans in the US. Rabies is fatal if untreated. Bat removal and bat proofing is dangerous should be left up to professionals. Quick Catch can assist in your bat removal needs.
  • Bats travel in colonies and can cause large infestations
    Bat colonies in Florida range form smaller colonies of a few hundred to huge colonies to several thousand.
  • Bats are protected in Florida and can not be poisoned
    Bats are protected in Florida and need to be professionally removed and not poisoned or killed. Killing bats is illegal and can lead to serious trouble with the law. Consult with a Quick Catch representative if you have any questions.

How Does Quick Catch Remove Bats:

  • Eviction and Exclusion is the only legal and appropriate method for removing bats
    Bats are protected in Florida. The capture and relocation of bats is prohibited and ineffective as bats have incredible homing capabilities and will return to the roost after being relocated.  So, exclusion with nets and sealing off all the entry points to prevent re entry is the most effective method for bat removal.

    • Please note, Bat exclusion can only occur from August 15th – April 15th of each year because bat maternity season is from April 16th-August 14th.
    • During maternity season, female bats are congregating and raising baby bats.  The baby bats (pups) aren’t able to fly for a few weeks after they are born, so any form of eviction during this time period can result in the pups getting trapped.  Trapped bats will attempt to escape and may end up in the living space of buildings or may die inside the structure producing strong odors, attracting other unwanted pests.
  • Bat Proofing… Guaranteed
    Getting the bats removed is the first step, ensuring that your attic or living space is bat proofed is the next. Quick Catch guarantees that no animal will be able to re-enter the areas we have proofed after our work is completed.  

Bat Damage Repair and Clean Up
Quick Catch can assess damage and mess left by the bats and coordinate the repair and clean up.

Ways to Detect a Bat Infestation Problem?

  • Seeing a bat flying into your attic
  • Finding or smelling their droppings in your attic or on the side of your house
  • Hearing noises or rustling in the attic

How long long will the process take to remove bats?

Quick Catch is dedicated to resolving your bat problem in the most efficient way possible. In cases of bat removal we have effectively removed bats shortly after arrival of the premises. In cases of an infestation it will require a diagnosis of the situation to provide an accurate time estimate.

If you live in Jacksonville or a surrounding North Florida area and

  • Suspect a bat or a bat colony your home or attic
  • Have an active bat infestation
  • Need repair work or guano removal
  • OR need bat intrusion prevention services

Call Quick Catch today (904) 859-6585 or Contact Quick Catch to get your bat problem resolved.

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