Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal removal is necessary for your health and safety because a dead animal carcass will support the growth of bacteria and mold, be covered with parasites like ticks and fleas, and create a very strong stench. The dead animal needs to be removed, and the area where the dead animal lay needs to be deodorized and disinfected to get rid of the foul smell, and the mold and bacteria. All of the parasites that were living on the dead animal also need to be exterminated, before they find a new host (on pets, or humans). It is important to get the problem remedied before it becomes a larger problem.

Quick Catch offers Dead Animal Removal services to Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida areas including, Duval, Baker, St. Johns, Clay, Putnam,  and Nassau counties.

Quick Catch professionals are trained and experienced in removing all sorts of dead animals from your home, your office, or your business.  Common dead animals requested to be removed include dead mice, dead rats, dead squirrels, dead opossums, dead raccoons, dead foxes, dead coyotes, dead feral cats and dead armadillos, but Quick Catch also removes larger animals, like dead deer and dead horses and cows. If a family pet dies, Quick Catch understands that it can be a very emotional time. Whether the dead pet is the family cat, lizard, dog, or even horse, Quick Catch professionals will be very discrete and respectful, and remove the dead pet properly.

Common Reasons for Dead Animal Removal Services:

  • Dead Animals are unsanitary and could cause negative health effects
    A dead animal will harvest bacteria and mold, have ecto-parasites (parasites living on the outside of an animal) like fleas and ticks, and produce a very strong foul smell. The dead animal needs to be removed, the area needs to be disinfected and deodorized to get rid of the mold and bacteria, and the smell. The ecto-parasites then need to be exterminated before they find a new host.  Quick Catch professionals will resolve these health concerns when they remove the dead animal.
  • Dead Animals create a strong, foul smell
    When an animal dies in the attic, in the walls, or under a home or business, the odor can make the structure unusable for a long period of time. A dead animal out of doors will also create an odor in that part of the property.  The dead animal carcass needs to be removed by professionals from Quick Catch to get rid of the smell.
  • Dead Animal parasites are a hazard to pets and humans
    All of the ecto-parasites that once lived on the dead animal can no longer use that animal for food/nutrition and will seek out a new host (which could be pets or humans). These ecto-parasites often transmit diseases, so they need to be exterminated. Some examples of ecto-parasites frequently found on dead animals include fleas (which can transmit Typhus), ticks (which can transmit Lime Disease), mites (which can cause Scabies), and lice (which can cause Hair Loss). This is why dead animal removal is absolutely necessary, and should be delegated to the professionals at Quick Catch.

What are ways to Detect A Dead Animal Problem?

  • A strong smell in a home, office, or building
    If there is a strong smell, the dead animal could be in the attic, under the building, in the walls, or even in the air conditioning duct work. The smell will not go away until the dead animal is removed, or the dead animal carcass thoroughly decomposes.
  • Pets or humans become infested with parasites
    The ecto-parasites that once lived on the dead animal – fleas (which can transmit Typhus), ticks (which can transmit Lime Disease), mites (which can cause Scabies), and lice (which can cause Hair Loss) – look for new hosts, such as pets or humans.
  • Flies swarm around a home or business.
    When flies are seen flying all around a home or business building, it frequently means that there is a dead animal in the attic ,in a wall, or under the structure.

After Quick Catch professionals remove the dead animal, they will look for signs that other wild animals may be present, in or around the home or business.  Quick Catch representatives may recommend setting traps to remove any other wild animals that may create problems. When trapping is completed then Quick Catch can do a animal proofing of your home or business. Any areas the animal was getting in your home or could possibly get into your home will be closed off. Ask your Quick Catch representative about getting an estimate fore our animal proofing service.

If you live in Jacksonville or a surrounding North Florida area and

  • Suspect a dead animal needs to be removed from your home or business
  • Know that you have a dead animal problem

Call Quick Catch today (904) 859-6585 or Contact Quick Catch to get your problem resolved.

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