Nutria Removal and Trapping

Nutria Removal Services

Nutria Removal Services

Nutria or coypu, are often confused with the muskrat, however nutrias are larger and have round tails. Nutrias are easily identified by a white patch of hair around their mouths as well as by their bright orange teeth. Like other semi-aquatic animals, nutrias are often brown, and their fur was once highly sought after. The nose and mouth of the nutria can be closed off while swimming underwater to prevent liquid intake.

Nutria Removal Services:

  • Nutria Trapping
  • Nutria Removal

Common Reasons for Nutria Removal Services:

  • Nutria Infestation
  • Wetland Damage
  • Vegetation Damage

Nutrias are not native to many parts of the world and the invasive animal can cause a lot of damage to vegetation and wetlands. The nutria have devastated acres of wetlands and have also destroyed eggs and nests of endangered birds.

Diseases Carried by The Nutria:

The most common disease associated with nutria causes “nutria rash” by strongyloides myopotami. The rash is the nematode entering the skin and being attacked by the immune system. Nutria can also carry leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis and other intestinal parasites.

If you live in Jacksonville or a surrounding North Florida area and

  • Suspect Nutria are damaging your lawn or wetlands
  • Know that you have an Nutria problem
  • Need our Nutria Proofing services to prevent their return

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