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Feral Hog Removal Program

Feral Hog Removal

Feral hogs can be a serious problem for your home, property, and family. The Jacksonville and greater northeast Florida area offers a wonderful climate that hogs love as much as people do. These wild hogs are adaptable and can thrive in many different settings, including developed neighborhoods and towns. Once a hog population settles in, it can be nearly impossible to clear them out. Learn why hogs are so dangerous, what hog removal methods work, and why Quick Catch is the best option to tackle your feral hog problem.

Why Feral Hogs Are So Dangerous

Whenever feral hogs move to an area, trouble has arrived. Hogs are versatile creatures that can live and flourish in many different settings. Many people imagine hogs living out in the wild, but that’s not the only place where these animals can be found. Wild hogs have spread throughout many parts of Florida. Quick Catch has removed more than 2,000 feral hogs, including animals in wooded regions, suburbs, neighborhoods, and industrial areas.

Hogs are dangerous because they’re huge, well-armored, and smart. A grown hog can easily destroy your front yard while trying to root for food. With sharp teeth and tusks, hogs pose a deadly risk to any person or animal they choose to attack. You may want to keep your children and pets inside when there’s a wild hog infestation in your area. In addition to posing a physical threat, hogs carry diseases. A family of feral hogs can transmit a variety of nasty illnesses and infections. From tuberculosis and trichinosis to E. coli and even rabies, hogs can be a threat to public health.

Hogs are also highly intelligent creatures. They learn through experience, teach their young, and seem to have advanced problem-solving skills. When you consider a hog’s size, tusks, the potential for disease, and intelligence, it’s clear that you need expert help to tackle an infestation.

Why Hog Removal Is A Challenge

Feral hogs have caused problems in northeast Florida and other parts of the country for centuries. Many people might hear family stories or local legends about old-fashioned schemes to get rid of hogs, but expert research shows that most hog traps simply don’t work. Here at Quick Catch, we consider a 99% success rate to be a 100% failure. There are two reasons why hog removal will fail unless it’s completely thorough. Let’s imagine you’re struggling with a pack of ten hogs on your property. If a hog extraction team catches nine hogs and leaves the tenth to roam free, that might not seem like such an issue. However, if that remaining hog is a female, you could be facing a big problem. Hogs are fast breeders. Your one remaining female hog could birth a litter of ten piglets in just months.

The second reason why hog removal must be complete is that hogs are highly intelligent. When a hog survives one round of removal techniques, you’ve essentially taught that hog what to avoid the next time. Surviving hogs go out of their way to avoid traps and tricks in the future. What’s more, a surviving female hog will teach her piglets to avoid traps as well.

Feral Hog Traps That Work

Our Quick Catch team is dedicated to removing all of the feral hogs from your area. We don’t want to teach your hogs about traps to watch out for in the future. Instead, we use state-of-the-art technology to guarantee reliable and effective results. We don’t just set up a trap and walk away to see what it catches. Remember that hogs are smart creatures and are often wary of tricks. Our traps use cellular doors instead of weight or time triggers. We set up several cameras on each trap, allowing us to watch the hogs in real-time. Whenever a hog moves into position, we can trigger the trap remotely.

Remote traps are the best way to capture your troublesome feral hogs. These traps are monitored by our expert team, so we’re able to catch the hogs when they’re exploring the trap. This avoids any false positives and keeps the hogs from triggering the trap, then safely running away. Your Quick Catch team monitors these traps 24 hours a day, catching hogs whenever the time is right.

Learn More About Feral Hog Removal

Feral hogs are a major problem for Jacksonville homeowners. Hogs have impressive size, abilities, and intelligence that can help them avoid many traps. Don’t be tempted to choose a cheaper hog removal company with less experience. If even a single hog is left behind, the infestation can return to full strength in less than a year. Invest in the best removal experts. Get in touch with the Quick Catch team to learn about our cellular traps and how we can help solve your hog problem.

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