Top 8 Animals that Live In Attics

As cool or cold winter weather comes in, so do the animals!  Animals and rodents always look for warm places to hide when it gets cold outside. Attics are a PERFECT place for animals to take shelter. Attics are warm, out of the elements of weather, and even have fluffy insulation which animals love to tunnel and nest in. Don’t wait until you have animal issues in your attic to take action.

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1. Squirrels


These are the most common of attic animals. These furry little creatures may be cute, but they are rodents and can cause the same types of damage that rats and mice do. A hole of 1½ inches in diameter is enough to allow a squirrel entry. Droppings that look like fat brown grains of rice and nests made of paper, leaves, and twigs are signs of squirrel infestation.

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2. Raccoons

Raccoons are expert climbers and rip open shingles and screens to obtain entry. The can also squeeze through gaps in the eaves. They are large animals and leave large paths full of debris behind them. Their droppings are also large and are about the size of a cat or small dog. If you see ducts or insulation ripped apart, that’s another sign of raccoons in the attic.

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3. Rats

Rat, Mice and Rodent Removal

Rats are rodents that like to live near human habitation which is why they are mainly found in cities and not the country. These animals can climb just about anything and crawl through holes so small you wouldn’t think it was possible for anything to get through. They can enter through any part of the house and nest anywhere, but the attic is a favorite place for them. They leave thousands of droppings in a very short time which look a lot like those of squirrels. They also leave tunnels through accumulated clutter and insulation and commonly used rat passages are often stained brown from the greasy coating of their fur.

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4. Snakes

Snakes are silent guests and the easiest way to know that they are there is by the skins they shed. Getting rid of them is usually best left to the experts as they can be dangerous and elusive.

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5. Opossums

Because they need a large opening to get in, opossums are not that common, but if there are opening large enough for them such as open ducts or vents, they will be happy to make a home in your attic. You will know they are there because of the large size of their droppings and the way they smell.

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Bat Removal and Bat Proofing

6. Bats

Bats can squeeze through opening as small as ½ an inch and usually enter through gaps near the edge of the roofline. They are usually silent visitors and the best way to know if they are in your attic is by seeing them flying in and out. Another sign is the smelly droppings which collect in specific places and soon accumulate into large piles.

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7. Birds

Lots of distinctive bird droppings, tons of feathers and nests are indications of birds in the attic. They usually enter through architectural gaps and open windows.

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What’s Number 8?

You tell us. We’ve had a variety of strange animals make an attic their home. We’re not here to set the rules, we’re here to help ensure we help catch the critters causing damage to your home.

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