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Squirrel Removal in Jacksonville by Quick Catch

Cute little squirrels that leap from branch to branch in trees, and scamper across your lawn can cause a lot of damage if they get into your home or business.

Gray SquirrelAll squirrels are members of the rodent family, like mice and rats. The front teeth of rodents are always growing, so to keep their teeth sharp and also to keep them from growing out of their mouths like walruses, squirrels are always looking for things to chew on. In the wilds of nature, squirrels chew on tree bark, limbs and twigs, nuts and acorns, and other naturally hard and abrasive natural things.  But when squirrels get into the attic of your home or office, they try to take care of their teeth by chewing on whatever they find that looks like it could help.  Squirrels often chew on electrical wiring insulation, wooden roof braces, wooden support beams, even plastic electrical fixtures.  A squirrel chewing on electrical wiring or connections, can result in fried squirrel or even fires in your attic or the walls of your home or business.  While squirrels are frolicking in your attic, they urinate and leave fecal matter in your insulation as their trips back and forth tend to compact your insulation, so you may smell the squirrels in your attic, as well as hear them.  And compacted insulation reduces its ability to protect your home or office from the outside temperatures, so you’ll spend more on air conditioning and heating for your home or office space. Squirrels also damage the drywall in your ceilings and walls, by chewing holes in the drywall, and mother-to-be squirrels often dig holes in ceilings while they are exercising their hind legs, as they prepare to deliver another litter of baby squirrels.  (Squirrels usually have two litters per year, once in the early spring, and another in the late summer.)

So no matter how cute little squirrels may look, if you hear chewing or scratching in the attic of your home or business, please Call Quick Catch – 904-859-6585 – before squirrels can do more damage or even cause a fire.  Quick Catch professionals will humanely trap the squirrels and remove them from your home, and take them out and release them back into the wild.

After squirrels are removed, Quick Catch recommends our Animal Repair and Intrusion Prevention services. We can assess damage caused by the squirrels and repair holes or gaps, and close off possible entry ways into your home, or attic. Quick Catch can produce an estimate on request to assess the damage and required efforts.

For more information about squirrel removal, please visit our Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Proofing page.

If you have more questions about Quick Catch Squirrel Removal services, please Contact Quick Catch of Jacksonville.

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Now Hiring Wild-Life Removal Technician Jacksonville, Florida

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