Why Squirrel Removal Services Are Important to Homeowners

  Squirrels are a common sight in the yards of most American homes. Most homeowners find them interesting and fun More»

What to Do When You Need Rat Removal

  A rat infestation can quickly spiral out of control, posing health risks and causing significant damage to your property. More»

The Black Racer: All About Florida’s Fastest Snake

Black Racer Removal

The Black Racer: All About Florida’s Fastest Snake The fear of snakes is called ophidiophobia, and it’s fairly common. After More»

Feral Hog Removal Program

Feral Hog Removal

Feral Hog Removal Feral hogs can be a serious problem for your home, property, and family. The Jacksonville and greater More»

Iguana, Lizards & Pythons

Florida Burmese Python

Iguana, Lizard & Python Trapping and Removal Catching or trapping lizards, iguanas & pythons can be very difficult, as they are agile More»

Rabbit Control – Florida Marsh Rabbit

Rabbit Control and Removal

Today we have a Florida Marsh rabbit. We actually have two species of rabbits in Florida. We have the Florida More»

Huge 6 Foot Snake Caught By Snake Catching JAX Pro

Professional Snake Catcher

Snakes come in all shapes and sizes but when they are in your back yard they can cause some havoc. More»

Watersnake Removal professionals in North Florida / Jacksonville

Water Snake Removal

Catching and removing snakes is one of the things we do best. Here is a video from out in the More»

Interesting Wildlife Videos from Jacksonville, Florida

Wild Hog Video

Wild hogs (also called feral hogs, wild boars, sows, and pigs) can be very dangerous and an extreme nuisance to More»

Peacocks being caught and removed from Jacksonville, Property

Peacock Removal Services

Peacocks being caught and removed from Jacksonville, Florida property. Watch this video below and see how easy it is to More»

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