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Venomous snake removal

We had a client contact us after finding a snake in the backyard that traveled into the shed. He was concerned because he has two young girls and did not want them to get hurt. After he called us, we immediately responded and were shortly on the scene.

Quick Catch owner Ryan went in and assessed the situation with the snake. After a few minutes he was able to catch a cottonmouth, a venomous snake. A cottonmouth snake is very dangerous and has enough venom to kill five grown men. Luckily nobody was hurt and everybody felt much safer after the snake’s capture.

Five Facts about Cottonmouth Snakes

  1. Cottonmouth Snakes should only be handled by experienced snake handlers. Their bite can kill a person in a matter of minutes.
  2. Cottonmouth Snakes are deadly. The venom of the cottonmouth is hemotoxic. This means that the venom breaks down and destroys blood cells and other tissues and reduces the ability of blood to coagulate or clot.
  3. Cottonmouth Snakes can grow to be pretty large. Cottonmouths reach 30 to 48 inches in length, occasionally up to 74 inches. The back is dark olive or black, the belly is paler. On young animals the back is marked by bands with dark borders and paler centers. This pattern is usually lost in older individuals.
  4. Cottonmouths have a wide array of temperaments. While they are usually not aggressive they may attach if they are agitated. One of their unique behaviors is their ability to “stand their ground.” When thoroughly aroused, a cottonmouth coils its body and threatens the intruder with its mouth wide open and its fangs exposed, showing the white lining of its mouth.
  5. Cottonmouths reside mainly in the southeastern United States including North Florida. This includes very southern Virginia to Florida and east to eastern Texas. There are three subspecies: the eastern, Florida, and western cottonmouths.

At Quick Catch we are always very careful and have a strategic way of catching snakes that is quick, safe and effective.

If you have a snake you need help with, contact us at Quick Catch for fast service (904) 859-6585.

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Now Hiring Wild-Life Removal Technician Jacksonville, Florida

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