Coyote Caught and Removed from North Jacksonville, Florida

Coyotes are taking over the runways… literally, coyote catcher Ryan Boyd shares why.

We got a nice big coyote here this morning, Looks like my sure if is a big male or big female. Pretty calm right now. Probably pretty tired from trying to get out of the trap all night. Definitely a good-sized coyote.

Trying to figure out if it’s a male or female remember. It’s the big male oh as a male. You can’t really tell if you laying down right now but I can get even stand

He’s not sure what to think. He doesn’t know what’s going on.

But it’s definitely a big healthy coyote. We’re right here in an airport.

There’s so many coyotes on the airport that planes are actually running into the coyotes. They’re hanging out on the runway early in the morning with the runway still warm from the sun. Laying out in the Sun and they’re absolutely taking over.

They’re not from here they’re from western America. They are an invasive species but they’re absolutely taken over so we’ve got to try to manage the population as best we can.

We’re gonna go ahead and get him out here. Almost like a puppy dog but if I went there that near the sharp end, he would he would show me what’s going on pretty quick. All right.


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