Why Do Some Animals Hide in the Attic & Can They Be Removed?


Attics can serve as comfortable and safe dwellings for wildlife. They serve as shelters where animals can be safe from predators. The warmth of these spaces makes them very attractive to various animals seeking refuge from other animals and extreme weather conditions. In the guide below, we’ll cover why animals tend to hide in the attic, which animals you can expect to find, and how an animal in an attic removal service helps you.

Why Do Some Animals Stay in the Attic?

When many places become urbanized, animals look for alternative dwellings to stay and call home safely. Many animals are excellent climbers, so many homeowners can find them in the attic. These spaces provide convenient hiding places of safety. Here are some of the possible reasons why animals climb into your attic:

  • Food and Water Sources: If you store food and water in your attic, these supplies can attract animals in your vicinity. Bats, raccoons, birds, mice, and squirrels may be tempted to investigate food stores while searching for food.
  • Nesting Grounds: Many animals search for nesting grounds where they can raise their young. Attics tend to remain dark and secluded most of the time, with very little human movement for long periods. Attics can serve as undisturbed spaces for these animals to brood and thrive.
  • Seasonal Changes: Some animals, like bats and raccoons, can seek shelter when the seasons change. When their natural environment outside becomes less habitable due to temperature and climate change, these animals may seek refuge in your attic to stay warm and safe.
  • Destruction of Natural Habitats: When forested spaces and areas with plenty of trees get cleared, the animals that used to live there can try to find alternative places where they can live. Some find their way into your attic as they seek out shelters near their previous homes.

When you notice animal noises and scratching sounds in your attic, there is a significant chance that you have wildlife nesting there. It is best to work with a professional animal in an attic removal service to eliminate these pests efficiently.

How Animals Get Into Your Attic

Animals will climb into your attic if the surroundings allow them to enter. Look for trees and other similar structures near your home where animals can climb and find openings into the house. Gaps in the roof and walls can serve as entryways. Some of the potential access points into your attic include gables, under eaves, vents, fascia, and dormers.

The Most Common Animals That Can Enter Your Attic

Dusty and cramped spaces can become quite attractive for some animals. Some of the most common animals that can use your attic as a hideaway include the following:

  1. Mice and Rodents

Mice and rats are resourceful critters who can climb very well. They only need the tiniest crawl spaces to enter your attic and create their nest. They are cautious creatures and may be challenging to eliminate when completely nested in your attic. For this reason, hiring professional animal removal may be necessary to eliminate these pests.

  1. Bats

The darkness and warmth of an attic can be especially attractive for bats. These animals can help reduce the insect population. Still, when they nest in your attic, they leave droppings that can have an unpleasant scent.

  1. Birds

Birds can find entryways into your attic as they hunt for insects. Some of these birds may be adorable, but their noises can disrupt any home’s residents. Some can even damage your property. It is not advisable to try and remove a bird’s nest since you may accidentally harm hatchlings in the process. It’s best to work with professional animal removal service providers.

  1. Squirrels

Squirrels are common critters in many unused spaces in homes, including attics. They tend to look for warm areas during winter, and they can stay there for months. They can damage your insulation, walls, and electricals, chewing on your belongings and old furniture.

  1. Raccoons

Raccoons are some of the most determined creatures you can find invading your attic. Just like squirrels, raccoons can damage your belongings. In addition, they may carry diseases, ticks, and fleas.

Work with Professional Wildlife Removal Experts

Even if some of these creatures look gentle, it’s important to remember that they can be unpredictable. Some can also be dangerous, so you should leave them to expert wildlife removal service providers.

You can do your part to prevent them from infesting your home by regularly cleaning your attic, repairing sidings and roofs, and repairing insulation and other potential entryways.

However, when you have an infestation, it is best to have a trusted wildlife removal provider handle the situation. Quick Catch specializes in the safe and efficient removal of wildlife in attics and other spaces. Call us today at 904-859-6585.


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