Vulture and Buzzard Control and Proofing

Vulture Buzzard RemovalIn North Florida there are a lot of different types of animals that spring up into life, unfortunately as they pass, they attract vultures or buzzards which are big birds that can be a nuisance in residential areas.

Vulture / Buzzards Removal Services:

  • Vulture Proofing
  • Buzzard Control

Problems caused by Vultures and Buzzards:

Vultures are not a threat, however, they are heavy birds and can cause damage to property. Their sharp talons scratch the surface on which they land. Their droppings and urine are very very acidic causing rust and can remove paint from surfaces. Scaring away the vulture is the only option. Killing them is illegal as they are protected under the bird act.

Techniques to Control Vultures and Buzzards:

The easiest way to scare any bird away is by making loud noises. This technique will work on vultures too. You can make noises by putting on loud music, clapping hands or heating pots against each other. The noise will scare away the bird. It is advisable to do this immediately the birds land on your yard.

Vultures are afraid of hawks and owls. Use this fear to your advantage. Of course, you cannot bring these carnivorous birds to your yard- they will cause more trouble than the vultures. To scare away the vultures put decoys of owls and hawks on nearby trees. The vultures will look for another place to perch.

The Turkey Vulture Society recommends the use of water squirting scarecrows. These scarecrows have motion sensors. Once here is motion in the yard, they release a jet of water. Activate the scarecrow at dusk. Once the bird returns at night to its nest settling will be made impossible. If this happens every day, the bird will go away for good.

There are a whole bunch of reasons, why many homeowners start thinking about ways of turkey vultures’ elimination. These birds can roost on telephone posts, fence posts, towers and on your property.

When these birds are on your property, get ready to damage and bacteria-ridden droppings they bring with them. The best way to prevent this problem is by using different removal methods. But before starting the removal you are to know – vultures are scavenger birds that perform an essential task of removing dead animals. Therefore, these birds are protected by law.

You cannot kill or harm buzzards and must use humane methods to deter or remove them. No matter, what type of vulture control problem you are having, we have the solution.

If you live in Jacksonville or a surrounding North Florida area and

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