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Fleming Island Wildlife Catching, Wildlife Trapping and Animal Removal Services.

Mouse Removal

Fleming Island, while not typically associated with wildlife challenges, is not immune to the occasional animal nuisance due to limited natural habitats in the area. In such situations, Quick Catch stands ready to provide expert animal removal services.

Understanding the need for discretion, especially in apartment complexes and business environments, Quick Catch offers professional and subtle wildlife control solutions. We’re committed to resolving any animal issues efficiently and quietly, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine or business operations

  • Rodents and Rats: Our top-tier rodent control services effectively tackle the most stubborn rat and mouse infestations. We identify, trap, and remove these pests and follow up with proven exclusion techniques to keep them out for good.
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  • Squirrels: Quick-Catch is skilled in managing squirrel invasions, known for their potential to damage homes. We’ll remove them quickly and prevent them from returning.
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  • Raccoons: These cunning creatures are no match for our humane removal methods. We ensure raccoons are safely evicted, and your space is secured against future issues.
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  • Bats: Bats belong in the wild, not in your home. We provide careful bat removal and exclusion services, respecting these important animals while protecting your property.
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  • Birds/Pigeons: Birds can be a nuisance when they nest in unwanted places. Our bird control services include pigeon-proofing, nest removal, and more to keep your property clean and serene.
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  • Wild Pigs & Boars: Wild pigs and boars can cause extensive property damage. Our team is experienced in safe and effective trapping and removal of these invasive animals.
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  • Armadillos: Armadillos can be a real nuisance, digging up your yard and garden. We offer professional armadillo trapping and removal services to protect your property.
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Areas near Fleming Island we serve:

  • Orange Park
  • Middleburg
  • Green Cove Springs
  • Lakeside
  • Oakleaf Plantation
  • Doctors Inlet
  • Baldwin

Zip Codes of Fleming Island areas serviced:


Fleming Island Jacksonville Background:

Fleming Island is an unincorporated, primarily residential community located in Clay County, Florida, southwest of downtown Jacksonville and west of the St. Johns River.

Fleming Island is among the richest zip codes in the Jacksonville area, placed second after Ponte Vedra Beach, by a 2013 article in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

The Clay County Public Library headquarters is on Fleming Island.

An 8 foot wide sidewalk runs the length of Fleming Island, providing approximately 7 miles of biking, jogging, and walking pathway.

To the north of Fleming Island is Doctor’s Lake, with a vast open area for recreation on boats, water skis, jet skis.

On the south end of Fleming Island, Black Creek Park provides hikers and bikers some scenic nature trails along Black Creek, which is a tributary of the St. Johns River, as well as another resource for waterborne activity.

Some Common Animal Problems in Fleming Island:

If you live in Fleming Island or operate business in the Clay County area and experience issues with Wildlife or Animals contact Quick Catch at (904) 859-6585.

If you don’t live in Fleming Island but live in North Florida, be sure to check our other listed service areas of North Florida or contact us for more information.

Fleming Island Animal Removal


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