Mole Removal and Trapping

Mole Removal Services

Mole Removal Services

Moles are small mammals difficult to see ears and eyes, reduced hind-limbs; and short, powerful forelimbs with large paws positioned for digging. And that’s what they do, dig.

Common Reasons for Mole Removal Services:

  • Ridges or Bumps from tunnels all over yard
  • Ground feels soft and spongy & looks unsightly
  • Large mole hill piles of dirt
  • General lawn & landscape destruction

Moles are not a dangerous animal to humans but they can be very damaging to your lawn or landscaping. A single mole can turn a nice  lawn into a mess of tunnels and dirt piles in a short time.

Diseases Carried by Moles:

No important diseases associated with moles.

Best Ways for Removing Moles:

The best way to rid a mole problem is by using special mole traps. Types of mole traps include spear traps, scissor traps, and body clamp traps. Mole trapping can be very challenging as it is crucial to place the traps in the active tunnels in the right spots. If the traps are not set correctly they won’t be effective. Quick Catch has the experience and knowledge to assess the mole problem, set the traps correctly and resolve the mole issue in a decent amount of time.

If you live in Jacksonville or a surrounding North Florida area and

  • Suspect Moles are damaging your lawn or landscaping
  • Know that you have an Mole problem
  • Need our Mole Proofing services to prevent their return

Call Quick Catch today (904) 859-6585 or Contact Quick Catch to get your problem resolved.

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