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There are several types of rodents that could infest your property, including many species of mice, rats and squirrels. Some, such as house mice and Norway rats, particularly gravitate toward homes and buildings where there’s plenty of food, nesting materials and dark, secluded areas. 

Even though these critters aren’t very big, rodent infestations are no small matter. As discussed in a previous blog, these destructive creatures spread disease, create fire hazards and damage properties.

If you’re wondering how to tell if you have rodents in your home or place of business, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the common signs of an infestation as well as the best way to get rid of rodents in your attic and anywhere else they nest.

How to Tell If You Have Rodents on Your Premises: “Tell-tail” Signs 

Fortunately, rodents leave plenty of signs that they’re living on your property. The following are some of the most common.


A sure sign that you have a rodent problem is if you notice droppings. Mice droppings are about ¼ long with sharp, pointed ends. Meanwhile, rat droppings are larger, measuring ½ to one inch, are oblong in shape and resemble black grains of rice.

Squirrel droppings look like rat droppings but are barrel-shaped. Their color ranges from tan and light green to reddish brown and almost black. 

Some places you are likely to find droppings if you have a rodent infestation are:

  • Attics and crawlspaces
  • Pantries, kitchen cabinets and other places where food is kept or cooked
  • Parts of the building with holes in the walls and air vents 

Strange Pet Behavior 

Your pets, with their finely tuned senses, will often spot rodents in your home. Is your dog seemingly barking at nothing, or is your cat staring at a wall for no apparent reason? They could actually be hearing, smelling or otherwise sensing a rodent in the room. Another sign that there’s an unwelcome critter in your home or place of business is disappearing pet food. 


If you’re wondering how to tell if you have rodents in your attic, the answer is: Nests. Rodents build them to stay warm, store food and protect their young.

Mice, rats and squirrels like to build nests in dark, out-of-the-way spaces like inside attics. Mice and rat nests look similar: They’re usually made up of shredded paper, pieces of fabric, mattress and pillow stuffing, string and even discarded food wrappers. 

Meanwhile, squirrels build nests, or dreys, out of twigs, grass, moss and other soft material. These rodents typically nest outdoors, but it’s not uncommon for them to do so inside homes and buildings. 

If you’re not sure whether you’re dealing with common house mice, rats or squirrels, call a pest control company. They’ll know how to tell if you have rodents in your attic. Most importantly, they’ll know how to get rid of rodents in your attic and keep them from coming back.

Odd Noises at Night

Mice and rats are nocturnal animals, so scampering, scratching or squeaking in your walls or ceiling at night is a definite sign there are at least a few in your home or building. Squirrels are most active during the day, so the same sounds during the morning and afternoon may indicate a squirrel infestation. 

Rodents can cause a lot of damage to your insulation as well as anything you have stored in your attic. This includes old photos, clothing, important papers and even old appliances and furniture. If you suspect that rodents are in your attic, reach out to a pest control company specializing in rodent in attic removal right away.

A Strong, Unpleasant Smell

Rodent urine is pungent and musky, with a smell of ammonia similar to that of cat pee but not as strong. Mice, squirrels and rats pee anywhere and everywhere, but they do so most often in or near their nesting areas.

Sometimes, a squirrel or some other small rodent can get trapped in a crawlspace, in the walls or in the attic and die without a source of food. As its body decomposes, it releases gasses that smell similar to rotting meat. Another sign that a rodent has died on your property is swarms of flies. 

Acorns Indoors 

What they show in the movies is true: Squirrels really do love acorns. They either eat them right away or store them for the winter.

If you see small piles of acorns on your roof or in your attic, you likely have a squirrel infestation on your hands. In this case, the best way to get rid of rodents in your attic or roof is to contact a pest control company that specializes in wildlife removal. 

The Ones to Call for Animal Removal and Pest Control in Florida 

If you’ve noticed signs of rodent infestation in your attic or elsewhere on your property, it’s best not to wait. Call for animal removal services right away. Rodents can multiply at an astonishing rate, turning a minor pest problem into a major infestation. 

For fast and affordable animal removal solutions, trust none other than Quick Catch. Since 2007, we have been helping homeowners and business owners throughout Florida with their pest control and wildlife relocation needs. 

Our services include rodent in attic removal as well as rodent proofing and exclusion. Contact us today at (904) 859-6585 for a free estimate!




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