Facts about Snakes in Florida

What do you know about snakes in Florida?

Some of the information we have about these snakes may surprise you.

two rattlesnakesSome snakes can be a benefit to your home, your garden, even your business, because they eat slugs, beetles, rodents, and even other snakes. Of the 50 species of snakes found in Florida, only 6 of these Florida snakes are venomous and a danger to humans and pets.

Snakes usually stay away from humans when they can, but may bite if you don’t see them, get too close, or they feel threatened or cornered.

Snakes can show up just about anywhere, but more probably in overgrown areas with high grass, under rocks or logs, in swampy areas, or near lakes, drainage ditches, or retention ponds.

Quick Catch does offer snake trapping and removal services to Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida areas.

If you need to walk where there may be snakes:

  • Wear long pants and hiking boots.
  • Take a walking pole and tap ahead of you as you walk, to give a snake warning where you intend to walk. Given that warning, most snakes will try to avoid you.
  • Watch the ground around you as you walk. All snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, and must lay in the Sun to keep warm.

If you plan to spend any time in areas known for having a presence of snakes, please review some symptoms of snake bites, and some basic snake bite first aid.

Although most snakes are not poisonous, avoid picking up or playing with any snake unless you have been properly trained how to identify snakes and how to handle them. If you are not sure if a snake is venomous or not, it’s better to just stay away from them.

In the fall, snakes like to hibernate underground or in buildings for protection from the cold of winter.

All snakes shed their skin as they grow, so if you find a snake skin in your home or business, or on your property, you know a snake has been there.

A bite from any snake is scary and may be painful, but a bite by a venomous snake is a Medical Emergency!

  • If someone is bitten by a snake and you are not sure if it is a venomous snake or not, it is better to be safe – Call 911 and ask for medical attention immediately.

If you are concerned about snakes (or other wildlife) in or around your home, your business, or on your property, Call Quick Catch 904-859-6585 to speak with a Quick Catch representative.


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