Iguana Control in Fort Lauderdale and Southern Florida

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Iguanas have become an issue for residents in southern Florida.

Are Lizards Dangerous or Do the Cause Much Damage:

The only type of lizard in the United States which poses a real threat to people, pets, or property is the iguana, which is only found in the southernmost tip of Florida. Due to their diet as herbivores, iguanas eat ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as fruit and vegetables from gardens. Adult iguanas can also be relatively powerful for their size, and may bite or whip their long tails when cornered or threatened. Other types of lizards are completely harmless to people and property and are considered beneficial due to the insects they consume.

Iguana Control and Safety

Iguanas are generally skilled climbers, so special types of fencing must be employed to keep them away. Iguanas cannot chew through building materials like rats can and will not cause structural damage to homes. Some iguanas bite if handled, so residents should call an expert to remove animals found in homes or yards.

Iguana Trapping and Removal

Catching or trapping iguanas can be very difficult, as they are agile animals and can be dangerous. The best course of action is to call in trained wildlife control professionals experienced in dealing with iguanas.

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